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Hi, I'mLucie André Calschi

Looking at the world around us, the accelerating pace of technological advancement cannot be denied. Familiar buzzwords like machine learning and big data already sound outmoded. Digital voice assistants have made science fiction a reality in a quarter of US homes. In this accelerating environment of change, businesses can no longer wait for technology to disrupt their business: the imperative is now to AIdapt and disrupt or be disrupted.
A Learning expedition is an immersive experience within worldwide most innovative retail ecosystems. New York City the Silicon Alley, San Francisco & the Silicon Valley, Shanghai… More than 20 destinations are covered by B.D.C. across the US, Asia and Europe. Since October 2017, I plan and organize learning expeditions through the United States: Fully customized program to explore latest trends, foster rapid innovation and strengthen leadership. Helping decision-makers challenge their digital roadmap, accelerate their digital transformation and unlock new business & partnerships opportunities.

This unique program includes a set of conferences or lectures, one-to-one meetings, workshops and a retail tour. A unique occasion to:

  • Meet key players and disruptors of your industry
  • Share and challenge your vision with entrepreneurs from startups, unicorns and tech giants
  • Source latest trends and innovations which will shape the future of commerce
  • Acquire assets to boost digital culture within your teams

The ultimate game changer to add AI to your marketing mix.

Back to learning expeditions by B.D.C. of the past 6 months. Since last October and the opening of the New York City Office, we have:
– Served more than 10 companies and 150 participants in New York, San Francisco and Silicon Valley
– Mobilized Retail and AI teams of Apple, Facebook, Google, Paypal, Salesforce and Amazon (Books Store) during our learning expeditions, as well as Board members and top executives of Orange, Wesfield and Walmart Labs
– Organized meetings with fast-growing startups and unicorns, either sourced locally, coming from the French Tech or from our own ecosystem (e.g. Yext, Segment, Contentsquare)
– Reinforced relationships and partnerships with incubators (incl. NYU Future Labs) and local investors – hedge funds, Venture Capital funds, Business Angels – specialized in Retail Tech for benchmark purpose as well as curation of latest retail-oriented AI solutions.

Featured image: Photo de Joonyeop Baek sur Unsplash